Where to Sell Products Online

Where to Sell Products Online?

Where to sell products online is one of the many questions that most online entrepreneurs have.

  • Where to sell products online?
  • Where can I sell products online?
  • What are the cost of selling online?
  • Which website to sell products online?

Are you a budding entrepreneur planning to venture into the huge online market to sell your products? To be successful, what are some of the issues that you need to consider? Do you know how to sell, where to sell and which website to sell?

Do you understand your product well enough and who or what is your target customers and the prices that the market can support. Having sufficient research will strengthen your next strategic move on how to sell. In this blog post, we will assume that you have done the necessary planning and let’s dive into where to sell your stuff online.

Where to Sell Products Online?

Where to sell products online is a question that most online entrepreneurs have. With so many online platforms popping up nowadays, what are some of the considerations that you need to think about?

Own Website

Having your own website is one solution, however, you need the coding skills to setup a website and pay costly web hosting fees that could cost thousands a year. With a relatively higher startup cost and untested market or product, it could be a risk that you will need to stomach.

Social Media Platform

Research shows that a person can spends a total of five years and four months of their life on social platforms [1]. If you are an industry influencer with a sufficient number of followers, social media can help in selling. With no startup cost and a strong following, you might be able to sell related products to your followers. However, unless you already have a strong following, you will need time to build up.

Craigslist or Online Classified

Local example, Gumtree, is an online classified platform that you can list your product classified for free. Its relatively simple to list and can possibly help in getting online search visibility (SERP). Such platforms generally do not provide you with your own branding nor personalized storefront, not withstanding the possibility of your products appearing next to a dating listing.

Online Shopping Marketplace

So, what’s a more effective and easier solution for new entrepreneurs?

An online shopping marketplace might be the best option.

As with Taobao in China, a well known online platform under the Alibaba group, it has elevated many small to medium (SME) Chinese entrepreneurs from rural outskirt of the country into successful businessmen and women with their own branding and store. Taobao is not only a successful business proposition, it contributed to China’s national security by redistribution of economic success to rural areas of the country and minimizing economic divide.

In Singapore, there are a number of well known online marketplace that allows budding entrepreneurs to start their business. These platforms allows individuals and small businesses to list products online for free and takes a cut of the sale price as marketplace commission. Commission rates range from around 10% to 12%  for new sellers and lower at 7% to 8% if you become a power seller.

Best Website to Sell Products Online?

SingaporeV2.com is an online marketplace website too. It was setup with the aim of being a better eCommerce platform and as a small effort to help promote entrepreneurship in Singapore. With our marketplace, you can list your products online for free with no marketplace commission. What? Did we say no commission? Yup, as a social effort to promote entrepreneurship, we have decided not to impose any commission for selling. With SingaporeV2 marketplace, you can setup your own storefront, list products for sale and accept payment online. 

Are you ready to sell your products online? Register as a seller now and start Selling Your Products Online.

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