Where to Buy Electric Scooter in Singapore

Where to Buy Electric Scooter in Singapore

Where to Buy Electric Scooter in Singapore

Where to buy electric scooter in Singapore? Where can you purchase an eScoot (aka. eScooter) in Singapore? What are the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) law on an Electric Scooter as a Personal Mobility Devices (PMD)?

With sky high car COE cost in Singapore, have you ever wonder is there a cheaper and faster way to get around your neighborhood? Before the rise of an Electric Scooter, “scooting” around was typically done via our trusty foot peddled inline two wheeler i.e. bicycles. However, with the scorching heat and sun in Singapore’s weather, one can only wish our two wheeler could be retrofitted to zoom forward at much faster speed.

Your wish is my command! RISE, Electric Scooter Empire! Lol..

What is an Electric Scooter?

Electric Scooter Product Category Picture
Example of Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are essentially inline two wheelers retrofitted with the latest mini motor and battery technology. They are inexpensive and considered by many as a convenient and fun-filled means of transport. With an eScooter, you can travel to anywhere, making some of our daily errands more efficient and fun! Buying an eScoot makes going to the NTUC to buy groceries or zooming over to the nearby coffeeshop to buy dinner for the family a much pleasurable experience.

Electric Scooter Law in Singapore?

Electric scooters are classified under Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) regulated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). With the new Active Mobility Bill (proposed and debated in Parliament on 10 Jan 2017), LTA has the ability to regulate the types of devices permitted, the behaviour of device users, on public paths and also prescribes penalties to deter illegal modification of devices and the sale of non-compliant devices. [1]

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Singapore?

Yes, electric scooters are legal as long as you do not ride it on the road and it conforms within LTA’s proposed specs! So where are Electric Scooters allowed in Singapore? Check out the following table for an overview of LTA’s rules on electric scooter and where electric scooters are allowed in Singapore. Electric Scooters falls under the Personal Mobility Device category.

Mode / Type of PMD Roads Cycling / Shared Path / Park Connectors
(Speed Limit 25km/h)
(Speed Limit 15 km/h)
Personal Mobility Aids
e.g. motorised wheelchairs, mobility scooters
No Yes Yes
Conventional Bicycle Yes Yes Yes
Personal Mobility Device
e.g. skateboard, kick-scooter, electric scooters, electric unicycle and electric hoverboards
No Yes Yes
Electric Bicycles Yes Yes No

Just like cars in Singapore, LTA just wishes to draw the perimeters on what can and cannot be done.

Where to Buy Electric Scooter in Singapore?

To answer your question of “Where to Buy Electric Scooter in Singapore?“, we have covered on a few topics briefly to provide you with the basics of buying an Electric Scooter in Singapore.  With new brands and models of Electric Scooters coming into Singapore almost every other week, it’s almost impossible to say which are the latest and best model of eScooters around. As an future owner of an Electric Scooter, sometimes it really voice down to finding a model of your preference (in terms of travel distance needed, speed and design) and compare in terms of price and after service availability. With an online marketplace with multiple models of eScoot for you to choose from, finding the scooter of your dreams at the price that suits your budget will become much easier.

Check out some of the Electric Scooters and Electric Scooter Accessories available in the marketplace;

[1] Active Mobility Bill by LTA – https://www.lta.gov.sg/apps/news/page.aspx?c=2&id=2e0d9c1a-55ab-4647-9b08-4cd4ff6d44cb