Best eCommerce Marketplace in Singapore

Best eCommerce Marketplace in Singapore

Best eCommerce Marketplace in Singapore

Shopping used to be about finding the nearest market place in Singapore around your neighborhood. However, since 1991 when the Internet found a new purpose for commercial use, thousands have setup an eCommerce web store online. Shopping is no longer about the nearest locally available store but more so on price, quality and reviews online. The easiest way to compare is through an eCommerce Marketplace.

Internationally known eCommerce Marketplace includes Taobao, pride of the Chinese under Alibaba Group by Jack Ma and revolutionizing the retailing industries in America, Amazon by Jeff Bezos. 

What is an eCommerce Marketplace?

An eCommerce market place platform is one where multi vendors (or better known as multi-sellers in Singapore) setup their web store in a centralized website.

To better understand what is a marketplace platform, you can make reference to a Wet Market in Singapore where merchants selling different sorts of food and products comes together to setup shop at a central location to sell their items. Customers benefits from a vast variety of choices and are able to compare prices, while Sellers enjoy the marketplace crowd effect and common cost of facilities and structures at the Wet Market are shared among all the merchants.

eCommerce Marketplace - Singapore Wet Market v2
Picture: Vegetable Seller in a Wet Marketplace

Online Shopping in Singapore

e-Shopping has invaded Singapore. The Online Shopping Market in Singapore is huge with an estimated worth of US$5.4 billion (S$7.46 billion) by 2025. Interestingly, this market will be even larger than the current Casino Industry which was valued at about US$4 billion [1]. What this means for a seller or merchant in Singapore is to start getting online to sell as Singaporeans, with many more to come, are already going online for e-shopping in Singapore.

Best Marketplace for e-Commerce in Singapore?

Ok, I’m a seller, so which marketplace for e-commerce is the Best in Singapore?

Well, the best marketplace for e-Commerce in Singapore must have the following attributes (minimum)

  • FREE to Sell i.e. NO marketplace commission charges
  • FREE to List i.e. NO charges or fees to list each product
  • FREE to Start i.e. NO upfront purchase or deposit required to start
  • FREE to Withdraw Funds i.e. NO fees to withdraw your revenue from the marketplace
  • FREE to Communicate i.e. Sellers and Buyers can communicate directly

Where to find such marketplace?

Checkout Singapore V2, a new e-Commerce Marketplace in Singapore! 

Its really FREE to start, sell and list your business online with no upfront cost or purchase needed. 

Want to know more? Read more on how to Sell Your Products Online FREE.

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[1] Channel News Asia: Singapore e-commerce market to exceed S$7b in 2025 –